I Am Grenadian

Dwight Sampson

I am from a little village in St. David’s called Laura Land but later move to Grand Anse Valley after the death of great grand mother in 1995. All my life i never knew my father but from age 6 my step father came into the picture and have been one of the many who played the father figure role in my life..

Despite the challenges of being fatherless and the first of 6; I pursued my education with the aid of teachers like Clare Briggs De Gale, Michelle Warrick and Janner James who made direct investment in my educational upbringing which lead me to the walls of the Presentation Brother College and later TAMCC.

The void that the absence of my father left did not help me ride the waves of my teenage years, as a normal teenager I made many mistakes, fell into many different pot holes but i took my licks and kept on ticking, I never allow this or any other challenge I faced to charted the course of my life. I went on to graduate both institutions.

Today I serve as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ while pursing a certificate in practical ministry from the West Indies School of Theology. I am using this as my preparation to be a senior pastor.
Every challenge is to make YOU and not break YOU I am Dwight Sampson, I am stronger and on the road to fulfilling my dream and #IamGrenadian




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