12 Things That are 101% Grenadian

Grenadians are a special people from a special island, here are few experiences that we identify as uniquely Grenadian

1- Jab Jab – Grenada is the uncontested Jab-Jab Nation of the world. There is no other country where the people embrace this portrayal quite like Grenadians.  And this mas is not relegated only to the Carnival (Spicemas) season, you can find persons covered in ‘ole oil’- black and greasy year round! Our Jouvert is the BEST – no contest.

Jab Jab
Grenadian Jab Jab

2- A love of ‘natural’ aphrodisiac – Any Grenadian, particularly males swears by the potency of these “tings for d back”; tania log, manish waters, guinness, Bois bande, under-the-counter (don’t ask, that’s for another post!)

3- Food lovers – but not just anywhere, Grenadians love cooking ‘on the block’ or on the side of the road. On any day you can always find a group of people, young and old cooking together. Many believe “block” food taste better than food cooked at home.

4- River Antoine Rum Distillery– The river antoine rum distillery is the only working water propelled mill in the Caribbean.

5- Nicknames – Grenadians have a clever way of assigning ‘nicknames’ or ‘street names’ to each other. This name can be derived from anything:- your physical appearance eg. if you are tall, your name is Tallboy or Tallgirl, a life event, a shorter version of your actual name or even a funny occurrence like falling from a tree could get you called ‘tree man’ or some such.

6- No-Ball– The bane of every bus operator’s existence. Especially from school children! Lol! What is a no-ball you ask? Well in Grenada customers are required to pay for their trip after reaching their destination and let’s just say that at least once a month someone will not pay aka the bus driver gets a ‘no ball’.

7- Breeze and Colgate– Some brands are so ingrained in the Grenadian community that that are used to represent their product category. So often all toothpaste is Colgate and all soap powder is breeze.

8-Maroon– Many houses in the villages in Grenada are built through maroon. A maroon is when everyone in the village come together to help build a house and the owner of the house provide, rum, drinks and food.

9- Foreign Cousins– Every Grenadian has a cousin either in Trinidad or in North America.

  1. Love Oildown – Any hour of day or night you can find a Grenadian either making or eating Oildown. Worldwide this is the meal that brings Grenadians of all stripes, creed or class together. It has also been credited with a few love connections:) (another story for another post)
Grenadian Cuisine
Grenadian Oildown

11: PersonalityGrenadians are the friendliest, most inviting people you can find. Nowhere else will a person open their home to a total stranger so readily than in Grenada!

12: Love wild meat – from the manicou, to iguana, tatto and monkey – Grenadians love wild, trapped meat. Served most often in soups and stews, these animals are a delicacy.


13: Kirani James – Do we need to say more?


By- Kimron Corion and Trisha Mitchell-Darius





    1. Me Too
      What The Heck
      I Thought I Was Grenadian 101
      No Ball. My As..
      They wanted to say
      “Snow Ball”
      With Shave Ice. Red. Green. Yellow. Blue Colouring. And Nestle’s Milk
      That’s More Like Grenadian to me..

  1. Please don’t say we eat monkeys that’s very embarrassing. I have never heard of this and we won’t be able to leave this down😭😩. Sometimes ppl only see the negative.

  2. 11. Personality got me we will definitely take in a complete stranger .

    Nickname Aye Tall bwoy come here
    Or dah Tall girl

  3. I agree with everything except the monkey business and lets get that straight right now is mostly TOWN people who eat monkey NOT and i repeat NOT country people.

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