10 Things You May Not Have Known About The Grenadian Jab

Many people think they know all about the Grenadian Jab Jab, however, here are some things about the Grenadian Jab you may not have known.

1- Grenadian Jab Jab have a uniform– Now, you may ask, what is the jab jab uniform, well according to King Boyzie. The jab jab uniform is Ole oil and a dirty thong. Now you might be asking yourself, why dont the jab jab wear a clean thong? I ask myself the same question every day so if you get an answer let me know.

2- Grenadian Jab is not bilingual– So apparently the jab doesn’t Habla Espanol, only English. I have always wondered why I stopped playing jab and this point might explain why simply because I Habla Espanol so that’s why I can’t be a jab.

3- Grenadian jab love saltfish– This one may be obvious but when the jab jab cooking saltfish he does soak it good. The jab also loves putting fig and zaboca in his saltfish.

4- Grenadian jab jab believe in the 10 commandments: They were created by Synnah and are as follows

Jab Jab don’t thief, sometimes they lie
Jab Jab dont eat kenturkey and fries (Another reason I am not a jab jab)
If jab ever put something in your mouth, don’t swallow it, just spit it out
Jab jab will take a lick in the market, but he will never shake it
Jab jab will help you to cook some saltfish, but he alone will eat it
Jab jab don’t wear his pants falling down
Jab jab don’t use no cellular phone (That one don’t come)
Jab jab don’t use no toilet paper- (Another reason I can’t be a jabjab, send on the Cherish)
Jab Jab don’t use no gunz and no drugs
One missing, I don’t know it

5- Grenadian Jab have pets– Grenadian jab favorite pets are frogs and serpents (yet another reason why I am not a jab, I want nothing to do with frogs and serpents).

6- Jab jab went on a cruise– Apparently in 2015, jab jab snuck away on a cruise and ended up somewhere in America. Everyone was looking for the Grenadian only to find the jab on sesame street, true story.

7- Grenadian Jab don’t care– in case you are looking for someone to care then don’t go to the jab because jab don’t care.

8- Jab Jab don’t work on Jour ouvert– if you have a business and have a jab working for you then you better not schedule the jab to work on jour ouvert

9- Jab rolling with a big snake in a cucus bag– I will leave this one up to you for interpretation.

10- The jab favorite color is black– Sooooo they ask the jab what’s his favorite color he said black, they even brought him by the bar and he only wanted to drink jack. Jab is weird




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