nicole alexander

Nicole Alexander

I look back at where I came from and I am humbled.
Walking through T.A.M.C.C. I was taken as a joke. I was a college drop out – twice. I missed classes because I couldn’t afford to go to school everyday. My grades dropped and there was a point when going to class wasn’t helping. I couldn’t catch up but I never lost hope. After trying twice on my own, I walked in to Ministry of Social Development. I told them I want to go to school. I spoke to my church leaders and they too took me seriously. My family helped where they can too. Praise God I graduated after 2 more years! Yes! I saw TAMCC for 4 years of my life. I was ashamed when people asked me how long I had before I finished. I am not proud of being a drop out but I am proud that I didnt remain one.

I pushed through SGU reminding myself that I am person with purpose. My circumstances didn’t change that much. It increased. I thank God for my faith in Him. I saw Him turn situations around. I saw him provide food, shelter and clothing especially when I didn’t always have a job to get by. He used people who didn’t know me sometimes. Being part of so many organizations made me realize that it’s not over. Don’t let your circumstances define your destiny. It’s not that I was a perfect human being. I wasn’t and still isn’t. But I learnt that I am loved by a perfect God. He took my imperfections and used them to point me in the right direction. I can safely say that my courage developed in my darkest days.

Trinidad taught me to snap out of my shyness, quietness and whatever little pride I had. I didn’t have a problem cleaning people’s toilets and bathrooms, doing geriatric care, washing dishes, braiding hair, baking, cooking, cleaning, planting flowers, painting, selling icecream…whatever side jobs I got, I “make do”. Pride never got in the way of my determination. I learnt to speak for myself and stand for what I believe in. Sometimes it was just God and I alone. “One with God is a Majority”. I was victimized as ‘the international student who couldn’t pay her school fees and was told “everytime I see you, I get a bad feeling”. Haha!! My response all the time was: “I PRAY”.

So yes…I look back and I saw how much God transformed me to who I am now. I am humbled… I know it isn’t over but I am learning to hold on to God’s hands. I am thankful for all of you who He placed in my life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. He prepared me to serve and I am ready. To God be the Glory!!!

Associate Degree in Social Work
BSc in Psychology with Honours – Magna Cum Laude
M.A. in Educational Psychology with Honours – Summa Cum Laude




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