Island Girls by Andy Kevin Lendore

Island Girls- A Poem by Andy Kevin Lendore

Smooth brown skin, dark brown eyes….

With their broad smile, broad bumper and thick accent,

These girls have me mesmerized…

Voluptuos figures, sleek and lean

Ah love them in all shapes and sizes…

Both old and young thing,

The island life have them fresh and good looking.


Like Marian, fresh from the day´s catch

Well seasoned and deep fried in vegetable oil …

These girls have a rich flavor that would entice a man to be home early,

after a hard day´s toil.

Greeting you with a friendly, yet seductive smile

These girls will catch your attention, not just for a moment, but for a while…

And boy! Do they know how to take care of a man!

You´re sure to get royal treatment

As long as you make her your queen, you´re forever, king of the land!

Charming and stylish in their unique island way

These girls are island divas, flashy Hollywood stars in any party scene; be it night or day.

When you see them in a party, dressed up in their tight top and mini…

With a little roll of the bumper,

And the facial expressions of ah feter,

These girls will make you shudder and quiver.

Strong women, with clever wits

Bold and brave, outspoken, not slow in speech

Be careful not to fall under their spell…

Don´t worry, it´s not witchcraft nor obeah,

They just know to catch a man, and they do it well!

Just a warning, for your own good,

it´s a known fact in any Caribbean island

Some words of advice: don´t try to play macho man

I love me Spanish chicks and me local girls

Bring me the best of both worlds!

But for sweet loving, good caring and strong upbringing,

I would always pick my island girls.

By- Andy Kevin Lendore




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