Kate Skeeter Lewis

Kate Skeeter Lewis: Reflection On My First Year In Frontline Politics

Many are called, but few are chosen. Today as I reflect on my first year in frontline politics, it is important that I thank God for the guidance thus far. To all those who have and continue to support me through it all; family, friends, constituents, and well-wishers, it is with a deep sense of Gratitude that I express sincere thanks.

It was exactly one year ago today that I took my first official oath in Parliament as a Senator in the Upper House.  I remember sitting there anxiously as everyone anticipated my maiden speech.  It was a nerve wrecking experience; however, my experience as a teacher allowed me to deliver eloquently.

This journey assisted me in understanding parliamentary proceedings.  As a result, today I can effectively represent the people of St. Andrew North East with distinction in the Lower House.  Life as a politician is not easy.  It is however rewarding; the ability to serve your country and its people is an achievement.  It is not something to be taken lightly, and therefore it brings us back to the statement of why many are called, but few are chosen.

It was by no accident that my life headed in that direction. Many persons can testify to the selfless service given to my community and my last place of employment. What I didn’t realize is, it was politics in a different form. The life you live helps determine who you are. We do not just wake up and decide we want to be a politician. A true politician is one who loves, cares and uplift others into higher standards.  Therefore the transition for me was not quite challenging simply because it was another call to service.

Although the transition was smooth, as with everything else there are challenges that we deal with daily. Managing the expectations of the people, the allocation of limited resources most effectively and efficiently, balancing constituency commitments with ministerial duties and maintaining family structure are some of the challenges.  However, I have always been taught that nothing in life comes easy and to achieve greatness requires hard work, sacrifice and dedication to the task at hand.

Therefore I express my deepest gratitude to our Prime Minister, a man of vision who saw my potential and gave me the opportunity to serve at that level. To my past Parliamentary Representative, Roland Bhola, for his guidance through the process and to my colleague’s sisters from St. Andrew. To my NNP family for the acceptance and support thus far, to my family and friends, Facebook fans home and in the Diaspora and most importantly, the beautiful constituents of St. Andrew North EAST I will continue to serve with distinction and without fear or favor. THANK YOU.




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