Germaine Bristol-Stanislaus: A Lifetime Committment To Saving Lives In Grenada

Germaine Bristol-Stanislaus is currently the assistant to the medical director of Grenada General Hospital and in charge of Peritoneal Dialysis program in Grenada. She works mainly with patients with kidney problems and administratively she is working to help improve health care in Grenada on the whole.

Dr. Stanislaus received her MD from St George’s University; she also graduated with a BSc from St George’s University and a diploma in Higher Education from Northumbria University Newcastle UK. Dr. Stanisclaus did her clinical rotations in the UK, Dudley, and Watford.

While studying in the UK, she got sick and found out that her kidneys no longer worked. She needed dialysis or a transplant to live. She had to return to Grenada and to finish Medical School. The problem is one dialysis unit on the island is $750 per session, and she needs three sessions per week for optimum health. After many hospitalizations and surgeries for access for dialysis, she managed to complete medical school; she completed her internship and her work at the general hospital. Currently, she only does two treatment per week to cut cost but its still outside the range of her salaries. She would like to be able to work and give back to the Grenadian community, but she needs dialysis to survive.

Before medical school, she attended GSDACS where she obtained 10 O’levels and went on to pursue further education at T.A. Marryshow Community College. She taught at St Joseph’s Convent Grenville for some time and then worked with the department of youth development before going on to further her education with a scholarship from the Government of Grenada. Dr. Stanislaus is married and has a son, her husband is a teacher, and her son is about to enter form 5 at Grenada SDA Comprehensive School so like she says, she is currently dealing with the famous SBA’s. She loves seeing young people advance and accomplish dreams. However, she needs your help to continue doing what she loves. She currently has $18,450 and counting in medical bills, for anyone reading this, if you can donate at least $1 towards helping Germaine, that will be much appreciated. Send us a message we will be able to facilitate your donation. Lets help save her life, so she can continue saving our lives. She may be the one to save your life if you are ever hospitalized in Grenada. Donate whatever you can, Donate here





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