Timon Thomas

Timon excels in the Sports Management Field, he has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports and Leisure Studies from Midwestern State University in the United States and about to begin a Master’s in Sports Administration.

My name is Timon Thomas. I was born and raised in Grand Bras, St. Andrew. After graduating from the St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School, I began the Air Condition and Refrigeration program at T.A. Marryshow Community College (T.A.M.C.C.). Due to a lack of interest however, I dropped out of the program after one semester then worked in our family’s construction company, which ignited a passion for construction.

My newly found interest led me to take technical drawing classes at a community training center and from a local contractor. I also reapplied to T.A.M.C.C. for the Building Construction program, and after two years of college, I went back to the construction industry. Feeling the need to do something different after a couple of years, I sought employment with the Ministry of Education. I was primarily hired as the Building Construction teacher at Westerhall Secondary School (W.S.S.). At W.S.S., I was heavily involved with the sports program, another passion of mine, where my love for sports management was unearthed. Consequently, to continue my development in sports management, I left teaching after six years and pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports and Leisure Studies at Midwestern State University in the United States.

Now that I have completed my undergraduate degree, I will begin a Master’s in Sports Administration at the aforementioned university to continue my upward trajectory in the sports management discipline. Admittedly, my ultimate goal is to become Grenada’s Sports Director.




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