Terrence Anthony Smith

Terrance Anthony Smith wants to live in a world where everyone is a mentor. His Big Hairy Audacious Goal, BHAG for short, is to build a unique mentorship program that will provide continuous training and support to young Caribbean leaders and guide them throughout their careers.

Terrance pursued multiple IT certifications before pursuing a Computer Science degree at The Midwestern State University (MWSU) in Fall of 2009. He is currently pursuing his Master in Software Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas while working as a full-time Software Developer at a leading online dating site.  

Apart from solving technical problems, Terrance enjoys spending time with his better half, reading, playing video games, reading manga and watching anime. He’s also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu student and enjoys discussions on the topic of Finance, Money Management, and Leadership.

Terrance is of the notion that luck is birthed when opportunity meets preparation. He owes his success to the many people who have left nuggets of wisdom during the time that their paths have crossed. He can always find something to do with his time, but will always make an exception for the leaders of tomorrow.




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