Curfew in Grenada

10 things Grenadians Must Have At Home To Survive The Curfew

Grenada is on a 24-hour curfew for the next 7 days. If we are to survive this curfew, there are some things that we need to have at home. Here are 10 of them


Well if you know us Grenadians, you know we not going down like that. We are stocking up on our “Bush” to fight this COVID-19 and survive the Curfew. Lemon grass, bitter fence, zebbapic and the list goes on.

Wifi or Data

Seriously, without Wifi or data, how else will we be able to make mawhette on Facebook? How else will we be able to binge watch Netflix in order to stop us from going coco for cocopuffs?

Hand Sanitizer

Overnight hand sanitizer has become one of the most important household itemd in Grenada. We take our health seriously and we need that Hand Sanitizer since we loveee touching our Face. Some or our local distilleries such as Blue Light Gin, Westerhall Estate and the Grenada Breweries are nor making hand sanitizers.

Cooking Gas

Everyone keeps saying, well if I don’t have gas, I will cook outside, yet for all we are seeing one person buying 5 tanks of gas in Grenville. We need our cooking gas


You need to be old school to understand this one. How many of you had your parent send you to “Make Message” making message is just another way of saying going grocery shopping. With shops being opened on some days and for a limited time, we have surely stocked up on our “message”.

A Breadfruit

Just like Gratitude, Oildown is a must, need I say more?

Soca Music

Well according to the University of the Lafillette Jab, Jab is supposed to be the cure for Carona. However, since science has proven this to be inaccurate, we will just settle for some soca music while we are stuck at home.

A fan

We can’t go to the beach since we need to be confined to our homes, so imagine you trying to sleep during the day and hot sun beating down on the galvanize, sauna wee. We need a fan


Well some of us can’t go to the rum shop get a little shot of rivers so we might as well stock up at home. If there’s no rum, then we all know real Beer is Carib or stag is a mans beer (Though more women drink stag).

Rums in Grenada
Grenadian rum


I was not going to add this one, but as I am preparing this post, I lost power and almost had a stroke, so I will add it, need to binge watch my shows Grenleccccc.

What else do you think we need at home to survive this Curfew?




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  1. You’ve pretty much got it all covered! The only thing I would add is a more detailed list of the type of “message” lol, or food that should be stocked. I would say versatile meats like salted fish, butter or margarine (to make cake or cookies), snacks that make a lot like popcorn (you can also make caramel popcorn, yum!), and additives like Maggie chicken noodle soup, that make every meal a bit more delicious. Finally, lots of frozen fruit!!!! Believe me, these past 2 days at home have taught me the value of having frozen fruit at home that I can just blend to make a smoothie or boil (e.g. as in frozen sorrel) to make juice.

    Oh, last one…something from my longtime days, buy a few packets of powdered juice, like the strawberry flavoured packets. You can use them to make popsicles and snow-ice (suckerbag).

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