There’s nothing like a Grenadian Easter! Here’s the MUST HAVES

Ain’t no Easter like a Grenadian Easter. COVID-19 may be messing up plans for a lot of us, well all of us, but, that doesn’t stop some people from putting up kites and leaving them up at night making these mosquito sound. we still not hating though, that’s why today we are sharing some of the MUST HAVES for an authentic Grenadian Easter.

1) A kite- flexy, boardy, bamboo or cocoa riggy – whether you flying it from your bedroom window or yuh yard during this quarantine ent matter
2) Provision and salt fish or smoke herring w/ lime juice – periodt!
3) Easter Sunday – Macaroni pie, stew beef or pork, callaloo, pumpkin, bake chicken, rice & peas
4) Fry fish with cou-cou & callaloo
5) Fresh bread & coconut buns 🙌🙌
6) Bakes & saltfish souse or fishcake for breakfast Easter Sunday
7) Glorious Saturday – Fish braf 🔥🔥
8) A beach for Easter Monday (pre COVID – we go hadda make up dah next year please God, Bathway, look out.
9) New threads for Easter mas – religion doh matter, Saturday or Sunday all who ent see church since Christmas sitting down in Sister Agnes ‘seat’ in church and causing melee (And you doh want to seat down in Sister Agnes seat)
10) You realize 80% of the things on here is bout food...Grenadians love they belly!
So wah you cooking this Easter? Leave it in the verandah, ah passing jus now



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