Grenadian names

20 Names People Don’t Give Children in Grenada Anymore

Inspired by some recent content on Facebook about Grenadian names, we decided to put together a list of some baby names that were very popular some years ago. However, today, no one will dare to give their kids those names. Imagine a one-month-old baby girl name, Gertrude. But that was a trendy baby name a few years ago.

1- Festus

2- Edith

3- Neville

4- Rupert

5- Bartholomew

6- Godfrey

7- Septimus

8- Tobias

9- Curtis

10- Ralph

11- Milton

12- Gertrude

13- Agnes

14- Mavis

15- Gladys

16- Louise

17- Mildred

18- Mertle

19- Joyce

20- Agatha




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