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10 Back-To-School Moments Every Grenadian Parent Dreads

1- Giving Kids the ‘Back to School’ talk- “This term ah en making joke with you, you see what you get away with last term not this time” And let me hear anybody say you following Kimron and them and gwan hole crab is me and you.

2- Having to buy all the books on the book list even though you know for sure there’s no way the kids are using all.

3- Bus price going up – damn you bus men.

4- Going in the bank to withdraw money to finish buy school supplies only to realize you spent all the money in Carnival.

5- Having to wake up the kids on Monday morning so they won’t be late for school and no-one is waking up.

6- Having to prepare breakfast and lunch at the same time so you just cook rice and chicken, small bowl for breakfast and the rest for lunch.

7- Having to iron the kids school clothes, especially when they are too young to iron themselves or back in the day when you had to use a coal pot iron. The struggle is real

8- Your child staying on the bus terminus and liming after school instead of coming home.

Grenada bus terminus
Grenada bus terminus

9- Giving your children a ‘washout’ with some senna pod 2 weeks before school start because you know they’ve been eating really stupidness all summer long.

10- Having to leave work and go school because you child acting a fool and you done stayed home two days last week already.




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