Grenadian Oildown

10 Oildown Commandments


Because everyone man, Jack and their brother want to cook Oildown and post pictures on Facebook. We decided to put together the 10 Oildown Commandments that people should follow at all times!!!

1- Thou shalt not stir oildown.

2- Thou shalt not try to claim oildown if you’re not Grenadian.

3- Thou shalt not put rice in oildown.

4- Thou shalt not cook oildown without dumpling.

5- Thou shalt not buy oildown from a Trini.

6- Thou shalt not move to Canada and not cook oildown for your Canadian born kids.

7- Thou shalt not cook soup and call it oildown.

This Mackoness is NOT Oildown
This Mackoness is NOT Oildown

8- Thou shalt not cook oildown without a lil lime juice or other fruit juice for that matter.

9- Thou shalt not eat oildown at 11 pm at night.

10- Thou shalt not refuse block oildown, it’s the best.

Grenadian Oildown
Grenadian Oildown



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