Grenadian designer

Tahirah Simmons

I feel lucky to be talented enough to create beautiful clothes; even luckier that people all over the world like it enough that they want to buy my creations.
In my full time career as an Individual and Family Counsellor, i often get a front row view into the lives of those who are experiencing suffering in one way or another. Their narratives are a constant reminder of the ugly and uncomfortable parts of the human experience. I think it’s why I am intent on creating a parallel to this ugliness.

Call it a beautiful parallel if you will; one that serves as a reminder that life, in all of its ugly parts, can also be beautiful. I want my clothes to be a reflection of that beauty.

I am Tahirah Simmons, Grenadian born-Canadian based-head lady in charge of La Bellatrude fine Ankara print clothing. I am from Grenville St Andrew and I am Grenadian!” #IaGrenadian




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