Lorna Dale L. Charles

Lornadale is an Archaeologist (the only Grenadian to be trained in the field) with an interest in identity, cultural heritage and natural landscapes. As an Archaeologist her aim is to contribute to raise awareness about Grenada’s rich history and heritage, what she deems is a unique part of our identity. She has a keen interest in protecting Grenada’s rich heritage and culture (all aspects from Amerindian to present) since she believes this is the core of our history and heritage, in essence there believes there must be a starting point.

Hence, she argues that we have an inherent right to protect all aspects of our history and heritage. Even if some of that history and heritage may sometimes be unpleasant. She wants to encourage more persons to study history, archaeology and anthropology which would broaden our colonial perspective. These are areas she believes if studied and engage in can help us redress our history as a people.

She holds a Master of Arts (M.A.) specialized in Archaeology of the Americas and Heritage of Indigenous Peoples from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands and a BA in Liberal Studies with a specialization in International Politics from the St. George’s University (SGU). Lornadale has experience working in the higher education industry namely at the St. George’s University and the TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC).

Additionally, she is a strong research professional who is trained in the Social Sciences and has a demonstrated history of working in Historical Comparative studies of the English-speaking Caribbean (namely Qualitative Research).





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