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Cooking Up Some Delicious Manish Waters The Grenadian Way

Growing up in Grenada, one of my fondest memories was going to the Grenville meat market to visit my father, a butcher. I remember Saturday mornings waking up and heading to Grenville to watch my father in action in the market. Sometimes, buy some blood pudding, the one with pepper obviously, (Weirdly enough, I will never eat blood pudding again). I enjoyed watching him clean and cut up the cow skin, and sometimes after burning the cow skin, I would pop pieces in my mouth as is; those were the days.

Nevertheless, the market wasn’t even my favourite part of what my father did; my favourite was that he was hands down the best “Manish Waters” chef in Grenada. I may be a little biased, but you cant talk about Manish waters, especially in Grenville, without mentioning the name “Kayak.” Every Saturday night, he would cook a big pot of Manish waters and sell it in Grenville in front of “Bain Upper Level,” as it was called in those days. I would ensure to get my glass of Manish waters, sometimes multiple glasses. My friends came with me, and since the chef was my father, they would all get complimentary glasses of Manish waters. Yes, the Manish waters were sold in plastic glasses, with a plastic spoon and a napkin.

Any time there was an event in Grenville, whether Christmas, Carnival, Rainbow city, you can bet your bottom dollar Kayak would be there. He would prepare his Cow skin, goat head and different parts of the cow or goat to prepare Manish waters for sale. I remember the “Grenville-ians” affectionately called his Manish waters “Sticky Sauce” because after you had a glass, your mouth would stick together like literally stick together, lol. The secret to getting that stickiness was using “Corn Curls,” crazy, I know, right.

Anyways, fast forward many years while working on a culinary content production project for the Grenada Tourism Authority’s #GrenadaRocks Campaign, I knew I had to produce a video of the Grenadian Manish waters experience as part of the campaign. The result of this production can be seen below.

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  1. I really will like some of your manish water next time I visit, but you did not mention how and where I could get it

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