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Autocorrect: De Real Relationship Test, wah tryin to mash up meh livin’?

Heyyy Grenadian fam

Ah hope allyuh holdin’ up gud in dis wild world of technology and autocorrect! Lemme tell allyuh, dis ting could mess up yuh head faster dan a breadfruit fallin from a tree! mi dear people, is all about de trials and tribulations of dealin’ wid autocorrect in dis digital age. Ah swear, it could mash up yuh whole livin’ and even try to wreck yuh sweet relationship wid yuh bae. Leh we me tell yuh how dis autocorrect ting tryna cause it!

Babe Turned into Bake:

So, yuh know when yuh tryna tell yuh babe how much yuh miss dem and yuh end up textin’, “Ah can’t wait to see yuh and bake a cake for yuh.” Bake?! Lord, ah cyah help but laugh. Imagine yuh partner tinkin’ yuh ready to whip up some homemade goods instead of just wantin’ a lil’ cuddle time. Bake meh foot! But diiz jus’ de start of de madness.

Going in d Room Turned into Gimme Room:

Yuh know sometimes yuh watching a lil tv buh, the sleep kinda sneakin up pon yuh and yuh wanna be more comfy so you decided to tell bae hold’ on cus yuh going in the room and yuh know you may knock out soon so yuh well preparing for bed, brush yuh teeth, moisturize your skin, turn off all lights and make sure door lock and ting,… man yuh know d drill. But when yuh text dem ‘, “Bae, going room,” and autocorrect decide to flip de script and change it to “bae Gimme room,” well, yuh bound to end up gettin’ into a bacchanal yuh din bargained for! Next thing yuh know, yuh go back to your phone and long long message from bae wanted to know why you want room. Ehhh Thanks a lot, autocorrect!

Man ah tell yuh Dis Ting wan to Mash’ Up Meh Livin’:

De Relationship Wrecka:

Now dis is where it could get real messy. Yuh know how yuh sendin’ sweet nothings to yuh babe and yuh meant to say, “Babe, yuh mean de world to me,” but autocorrect playin’ de role of matchmaker and switch it up to “Babe, yuh meat de world to me.” Oh gosh, hold up! Yuh mean autocorrect turn meh romantic moment into a carnivorous confession! If yuh lucky, babe go see de humour in it, but if not, brace yuhself for some serious explaining.

Nah only yuh relationship it wanna marsh up enuh noo yuh friendships too!

De struggles get even realer when yuh tryna tell your girlfriends about a situation at work and  how dey really messin’ up yuh living, cus yuh getting home late late from work but autocorrect wanna be a real MVP and turn “livin'” into “lovin’.” Nah, nah, autocorrect! Me ent tryna confess any secret love affairs, ah jus’ tryna vent about dis crazy wuk situation! Sigh Dis autocorrect ting hard to deal wid, oui.

So, mi people, de moral of dis autocorrect story is: don’t let technology try to mash up yuh livin’ and destroy yuh relationships! Always double-check yuh texts before sendin’ and maybe, just maybe, switch off dat autocorrect ting before it decide to play matchmaker or worse. And if yuh find yuhself in one ah dem hilarious autocorrect situations, ah suggest yuh laugh it off, send a follow-up message explainin’, and hope yuh relationship could take a lil’ ribbin’.

Stay safe, stay laughin’, and remember, autocorrect may try to mash up yuh ting, but yuh de boss of yuh texts, eh!

Until next time,

De Autocorrect Survivor




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