Sabrena Alexander

For me it was a normal day at work, being cheerful to my customers and going ahead with business as usual. After browsing the internet, I came across the Facebook page I Am Grenadian. Whilst reading, I was touched and empowered by the stories shared on the platform. Stories which depicted personal strength, achievements in sports, culture and the perseverance of my Grenadian people.
‘Yes allu, so we dey” whether we are willing to accept it or not Grenada is filled with talent, skills, and our people are cultured with principles on how to be strong and fight against the adversaries of life.
It was in that moment, I wondered if I should share my sexual abuse story. A secret I had kept so many years not revealing it to anyone because of shame and being re-victimized. It was a hard decision but after much thought, I decided to share the story, to at least empower those who were affected and thought maybe it was the end of their life. I did and I submitted the article, but I was still afraid, I had even asked Kimron Corion from #IamGrenadian to not share the story anymore because of fear, but he had assured me that everything will be fine.
It was indeed fine, in fact, the love and support I received from the Grenadian people were overwhelming.
Because of the platform, I also had the opportunity to work with a number Non-Profit organization both in Grenada and Trinidad on the prevention and awareness of sexual abuse. Namely GCSCORED and Heal with Hope Foundation.
Kimron encouraged and supported me in writing a book and today almost five months after I have a finished book Inspired by Kimron Corion and edited by Trisha Darius both admins of the page. The book is called Helpless Cries. The journey of the book was so very much amazing with so many Grenadian people volunteering their time and effort. I will be launching the book on November 1st 2016.
Special thanks to all for your support and words of encouragement. To miss Delma Thomas continue the Great work on social issues, to the founders if I am Grenadian you guys are blessings and have contributed so much to my healing. I will also like to thank Reah Anna Warren for giving so much of her time. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to share my story and as a result help other.
I am Michelle Sabrena Alexander, sexual abuse advocate and survivor, product of the page I Am Grenadian and Author of the Book Helpless Cries.




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