Howard O’Neal Bain

It is hard enough for anyone to map out a course of action and stick to it, particularly in the face of the desires of one’s friends; but it is doubly hard for an aviator to stay on the ground waiting for just the right moment to go into the air.”
— Glenn Curtiss, 1909.

The desire to soar, brings with it the caged fear of a plummet; it also breathes fresh air into the drive for ultimate success.
In 2013, I launched my bid to be the best there is – to soar into the heavens and remain aloft, to remain at peace… to fly!
I attended Dean International Flight School in Miami, and currently hold an FAA Private Pilot License. It is my dream to become a Commercial Pilot, and ultimately, an airline / military pilot. Hence, I’ve set up a Go Fund Me account to assist me in meeting my quota and fulfilling my dream.

I have an undying passion for flying, and I dream of seeing the Aviation Industry taking off in #Grenada, with the opening of a Flight Training Center on the island. I want to inspire others, who, like me, have looked towards the sky and pondered on what could be.
My name is Howard O’Neal Bain, I am an Airman, I love flying, and #IAMGRENADIAN!




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