Lynnes Abraham

Mrs Lynn Abraham- Edwards spent her childhood and adolescent years in a rural village on her native island of Grenada. Mrs. Edwards attended the St. Josephs Convent Grenville and then moved on to the T. A. Marryshow Community college where she pursued her Associates Degree in Social Sciences and obtained level one and two passes in Sociology, Law, English Literature, Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies. Mrs. Edwards then moved to Trinidad to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Behavioural Sciences graduating with honours from the University of the Southern Caribbean. During her tenure at the University of the Southern Caribbean Mrs. Edwards was an extremely active student representing her country in the school’s scholarship program as well as using her voice as part of the school’s musical cast in different Opera functions. Mrs. Edwards is now a Motivational Speaker and a content creator for the I AM GRENADIAN network. Her content is featured weekly on the motivational Monday segment.




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