The Rollercoaster Emotions Of Back to School

It’s that time of the year again. Summer is officially over and it’s back to school, back to routine. 

It’s hard for me to describe fully but the opening of school brings a rollercoaster of emotions as a (new) school parent; excitement, awe, nostalgia, anticipation, reflection, anxiety. There’s just something about watching a tiny human that you birthed walk into a new world away from you that just ties you in knots. On the one hand, you’re super proud and excited that they’re handling it like a champ, matter of fact for at least the last month my school-aged little human had been asking for her teacher, and on the other you’re sad that they’re no longer babies and you reminisce about the days when she spent six months sleeping on your tummy. And then there is the worry; this world can be a cruel place, especially for little girls and boys that look like her, and though you know they will have to develop techniques to deal with the inevitable, you just wish you could continue to shield them for just a little longer.

I remember my mom saying “Children does grow quick! Before you blink they out your house” – now I understand exactly what she meant! Time has certainly flown by and my nutmeg princess has evolved into an independent little lady (boy the spice – smh!) ready and confident to take on the world.

So here’s to all the school moms and Dad’s – congrats you survived the summer! Time now to return them to the world of educators, and as the daughter of an educator, I know personally how much they pour into them so feel assured they are in good hands. Maybe in this new season of routine, you find a moment to catch your breath, focus on your own goals or simply get some ‘me’ time.

Glasses up! On to the next chapter!






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